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Lighting, Audio and Special Effects

Welcome on Amlux s.r.l. website

Amlux s.r.l. is a company in Castel Goffredo (Mn) active since 2000 in the field of lighting, audio, effects and in the supply of lighting products. Amlux srl works with different customers: from installers to commercial offices and service. Amlux srl has always been committed to providing the most professionalism to suggest the best lighting solutions to all its customers. The brands distributed by the company are carefully selected on criteria of quality and reliability, in full compliance with the regulations in force in the field of lighting.

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Latest news from the world of Amlux

DINA series by Nicolaudie: more then a light controller
03 November 2020
Even if the world is living a very strange period, Nicolaudie has choosen not to stop and to continue working to create new products for its users. That's why they have created a new standalone DMX light controller ...
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New range of professional led-power ellipsoidal fixtures
02 September 2020
September is the month of the restart and even if everything still seems to have stopped, large international companies are always on in search of the latest technological innovations to offer on the market. ADJ, fo...
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Fast delivery for UVC lamps for sanitization of small-medium spaces
27 August 2020
Covid-19 hasn't been defeat yet so it is therefore important to keep our guard up and fight this virus on all fronts. The new requirements ask us a constant attention in the sanitization of objects and surfaces both...
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