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Amlux s.r.l. is a company in Castel Goffredo (Mn) active since 2000 in the field of lighting, audio, effects and in the supply of lighting products. Amlux srl works with different customers: from installers to commercial offices and service. Amlux srl has always been committed to providing the most professionalism to suggest the best lighting solutions to all its customers. The brands distributed by the company are carefully selected on criteria of quality and reliability, in full compliance with the regulations in force in the field of lighting.

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Lamps for sanification against bacteria, moulds, yeasts and viruses!
17 April 2020
We are not used to think of LIGHT as a means of DISINFECTION or purification. OSRAM has thought to take full advantages of the proprieties of UV-C light to answer to new cleansing needs due to this particular period...
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New DPCM 9 march 2020 - Question&Answer on goods transport
10 March 2020
Italian gouvernment has made a list of rules to contrast the diffusion of the Covid-19. On March 2020 the premier Giuseppe Conte has made a document called DPCM where we can find info about what we can do or we can'...
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New Medical Power Module MPM-45/65/90
18 February 2020
Compact Size and high power are the characteristics of these new Medical Power Module MPM-45/65/90, designed by Mean Well to answer to market demands. Suitable for direct mounting and soldering on the PCB, these po...
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