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08 March 2023

Store lighting: how to enhance products

To enhance products with correct lighting

Shop lighting is an essential element in enhancing products and display spaces. The right lighting can attract customers' attention and enhance the products on sale, creating a more pleasant and engaging shopping experience.

In particular, shop window lighting is a key element in attracting the attention of passers-by and effectively presenting the products on sale. There are different types of shop window lighting to choose from, depending on the specific needs of the shop.


Shop lighting: aspects to consider

Firstly, it is important to choose the right type of light according to the characteristics of the product and the needs of the shop. For example, natural light is ideal for food products or textiles, as it allows the best appreciation of hues and shades. Alternatively, artificial lights, such as LED lights or discharge lamps, can be used to create lighting effects and enhance particular product details. The halogen lamp is being used less and less even though the color rendering is very high, but it has several disadvantages nowadays such as consumption, CO2 production, durability, and the amount of light emitted.

Another important element is the color rendering of light, i.e. the ability to faithfully reproduce the colors of products. It is important to choose lamps with good color rendering, above 90, to avoid products appearing different from what they actually are.

The position of the lights is another aspect to consider in order to best enhance the products. Generally, lights are placed above or behind products to create lighting effects and highlight particular features. For example, directional lights can be used to specifically illuminate an area of the product, creating a selective lighting effect and drawing the customer's attention.

Finally, light can be used to create a particular atmosphere in the shop, in line with your own identity and target audience. For example, warm light can create an intimate and cozy atmosphere, neutral light is more in demand because it is used on shiny fabrics, sequins, and jewelry of any color as long as it is bright, while cold light can be used to enhance technological or modern products.

Lights for shops: the Amlux proposals

Among the options available are recessed LED lights, ideal for creating directional lighting effects and focusing attention on the products on display. In addition, LED strips are an excellent solution for illuminating shop windows uniformly, creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

For fitting rooms, recessed ceiling spotlights are an effective option for providing good lighting and creating a comfortable environment for customers. Alternatively, wall spotlights can also be used, strategically positioned to best illuminate mirrors and ensure true colour rendering.

In general, shop lighting must be chosen according to the specific requirements of the shop and the products on sale. It is important to consider the color rendering of the lamps, to ensure accurate product presentation, and energy consumption, to limit costs and reduce environmental impact.

In conclusion, shop lighting is a key element in enhancing products and creating a pleasant and engaging shopping experience. Choosing the right lighting for shop windows and fitting rooms is an important step to ensure effective product presentation and create a welcoming environment for customers. At Amlux S.r.l. you can find numerous interior lighting solutions to suit the needs of every business.

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