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Studio Due

Studio Due

With over 30 years of innovation, design and manufacturing experience we have been creating state-of-the-art lighting solutions to support lighting designers, architects and lighting consultants in their challenges.
Through constant research and innovation, and the use of premier-quality materials, we have established an international reputation as one of the market leaders in the field of professional and architectural lighting
Our product range, historically composed of moving head spots, outdoor multiray effects and controllers has been diversified introducing new lines of colour changer specifically designed to satisfy  the requirements of the architectural lighting market, adapting the traditional portfolio to the newest demand’s requirements.
The LED lighting growing market with its opportunities and the its promise of reducing waste is the last challenge we have taken.
Our product offering consist of artistic lighting fixtures:

• architectural color changers projectors for artistic illumination, from 150W up to 2500W

• moving heads and lighting fixtures for venues and clubs, from 110W to 1200W

• multy rays effects

• LED solutions from 5W up to 600W

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