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Why do I have water inside my swimmingpool lamps?

Sometimes you can find water inside your swimmingpool lamps. The cause is an incorrect connections in the junction box around the pool which is not waterproof.

The cable which is normally coming from the technical room to go to the niche, is ending in the junction box. Our experience is unfortunately telling us that frequently the junction boxes supposed to be waterproof are often filled with water or wet inside. In these cases if the connection between the two cables (the one coming from the technical room and the one going to the fixture) isn't waterproof we can risk that water will arrive to the fixture via the cable.

Although it seems to be impossible it is easy to explain this phenomenon. The housing of the fixture is IP68 rated to grant the use under water. When the fixture is used it will be constantly switched on and switched off. As a consequence of switching on the leds of the fixture the temperature inside the housing will increase (every powered led is emitting heat) and at the same time the pressure inside the fixture will increase as well. As the body of the fixture is waterproof the change of pressurisation and depressurisation is creating a "pump effect". Considering this "pump effect" it is easy to understand how easy the humidity reaches the inside of the fixture if the connections in the junction box are not waterproof.

The quantity of water which could get into the fixture is obviously depending on several factors (how many times is the fixture powered up and shutdown, the height difference between the junction box and the niche, etc.). Therefore it's impossible to say how much time the water will take to get into the fixture. It is clear that when the water get inside the fixture the situation could get rapidly worse as the contact of water with the electrical components would cause their destruction. In this case the damage would be irreversible and it will be probably impossible to repair the fixture. We have to point out that the water is not only going through all the cables following the copper it will also find its way through all the cable glands.

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