MSD PLATINUM 5R PHILIPS 160-189W 8000°K 2000ore

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EAN Code: 8727900930702

Manufacturer Code: MSD PLATINUM 5R

Brand: Philips
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€ 161,77
€ 161,77


The Philips MSD Platinum 5R is a 160 watt lamp with a powerful, compact and brilliant light beam. Its compact and light design offers the option of using it for smaller and lighter appliances. Color temperature of 8000 ° K, 7950 lumens luminous flux and a CRI equal to Ra 75. This lamp is used for stage lighting of stages and theaters, given its short arc, its high color temperature, and the innovative reflector. This type of lamp is mounted on headlights such as AMERICAN DJ's ACME, Vizi Beam 5R and Vizi Spot 5Rs, 5x Sharps, DTS Jack, Cobalt Plus 5R, Cobalt Plus Beam 5R and Cobalt Plus 5R Spot PR LIGHTING XR 200 Beam, PT160 EHRGEIZ, Platinum Beam 5 R, Platinum Spot 5 R and Platinum Spot 5 R Pro of ELATION, PLUTE FUTURELIGHT, X-BEAM 5R and X-SPOT 5R PLACER 5 PLANTS Pro, JT160-E, JT160B, PT160B and PT160B Pro of the TRITON BLUE TERBLY and 5R-BEAM and 5R-SPOT. Power: 160-189 watts, Color rendering index: Ra 75, Color temperature: 8000 K, Luminous flux: 7950 lm, Length: 57 mm, Diameter: 51 mm.

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