Electronic ballast lamp Platinum 5R Philips

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EAN Code:

Manufacturer Code: ALI00R

Category: Spare parts
Brand: Philips
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€ 131,76
€ 131,76


Spare part power supply with ignitor included for Philips lamp Platinum 5R. It is used on fixture like: XP-5R BEAM by ACME, Vizi Beam 5R and Vizi Spot 5R by AMERICAN DJ, Sharpy by CLAY PAKY, Jack by DTS, Cobalt Plus 5R, Cobalt Plus Beam 5R and Cobalt Plus Spot 5R by EHRGEIZ, Platinum Beam 5 R , Platinum Spot 5 R and Platinum Spot 5 R Pro by ELATION, PLB-5R / PLS-5R by FUTURELIGHT, X-BEAM 5R and X-SPOT 5R by JOLLY, XR 200 Beam by PR LIGHTING, PT160 Pro, JT160-E, JT160B, PT160B and PT160B Pro by TERBLY and 5R-BEAM and 5R-SPOT by TRITON BLUE

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