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Wireless remote controller WR Controller (LED RC)

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EAN Code: 640282997980

Manufacturer Code: 1321000061

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Wireless remote controller for :
Mega Tri BAR, Mega Tri60, Mega Tri64 Profile, Mega TriPAR Profile, Mega PAR Profile, Mega BAR LED RC, Mega BAR 50 RGB RC, Flat PAR TRI18XS, Flat PAR TRI18X, Flat PAR TRI18, Flat PAR TRI7XS, Flat PAR TRI7X, Flat PAR TRI7,
PRO 64B LED RC, PRO 38B LED RC, Mega Go Par64, Mega Go Bar 50, Jelly PAR Profile, SP4 LED, LED Pixel 10C, Pixel Kling 10C, LED Pixel 4C, Jelly GO PAR64, Tribar Spot

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