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Remote controller UC-IR

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Telecomando UC-IR
EAN Code: 819730013804

Manufacturer Code: 1321000074

Brand: Adj

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€ 4,10
€ 4,10


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The UC-IR Remote from ADJ is compatible with ADJ's following products: Inno Pocket Spot; Inno Pocket Spot Pearl; Inno Pocket Roll; Inno Pocket Scan; Monster Duo; Monster Quad; Monster Fun; Rotobeam 4; Quad Phase HP; LED UV Go; Pinspot LED Quad; Pinspot LED Quad DMX; Inno Pocket Beam Q4; Inno Pocket Wash; Inno Pocket Spot Twins; Super Spot LED; Zipper; Inno Pocket Fusion; Inno Pocket Z4; KAOS; Ricochet; On-X; Ikon Profile; H2O DMX IR; DUAL GEM Pulse IR; Micro Gobo II; PAR Z4; Jellyfish IR; Galaxian GEM IR; Revo 4 IR; H2O IR; Gobo Projector IR; Ikon IR; Micro Galaxian II; XS200; XS400; XS600; Pinpoint Gobo; Pinpoint Gobo Color; Encore Profile 1000 WW; Encore Profile 1000 COLOR; Chameleon QBAR; VF Snow Flurry HO; Warlock; Ninja 5RX; Vizi Beam RXONE

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