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Manufacturer Code: GL#0310001

Brand: Lee Filter
On request. Expected availability: 02 July 2024

This item should arrive to us at the above date and it will be shipped as soon as we have it available again.

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€ 20,14
€ 20,14


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Gelatin sheets ideal for any type of halogen projector and film, theatrical, photographic, architectural discharge. Size 53cm for 61cm length, order on request.

You have to buy the total number of filter you need, then when completing the order you have to write in the NOTE section: "nXcodXXX" for each colour code needed.
Example: order 8 sheets, in the note section I'll write: n8cod177.

Regularly available codes: 026 red on, 089 green (also used to reproduce green foliage), 101 yellow, 104 amber intense, 105 orange, 106 primary red, 113 magenta, 126 malva (dark magenta, used for theater drama scene) , 128 bright blue (excellent for musicals), 131 light blue (moonlight romantic scene, often used in ballet and scuba scenes), 139 primary green, 165 DAYLIGHT BLUE (good for moon light effect), 181 CONGO BLUE (with fluorescent light reproduces black light of wood, very saturated), 201 FULL CT BLUE converts tungsten (3200K) into daylight (5700K), 204 FULL C.T. ORANGE converts daylight (6500K) with tungsten light (3200K), 206 QUARTER C.T. ORANGE converts daylight (6500K) with tungsten light (4600K), 250 HALF WHITE DIFFUSION a half diffusion used for soft light effects, 252 EIGHTH WHITE DIFFUSION a weak diffusion used for soft light effects. For more detail visit web site LEE FILTER COLOUR LIST

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13 February 2020
Giuseppe Lo Surdo
Il prodotto ricevuto, corrisponde perfettamente a ciò che è stato ordinato. Veloci e organizzati. Ottimo

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