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Protective soft case ASC-AC-126 35,5 x 20,5 x 20 cm

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Custodia protettiva ASC-AC-126 35,5 x 20,5 x 20 cm
EAN Code: 819730018588

Manufacturer Code: 6011000051

Brand: Accu- Case
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€ 20,49
€ 20,49


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Protective case ideal for mobile DJ's, Karaoke rigs and working bands. Saves valueable transport space by allwoing fuxtures to be stackes without having to be boxed. The ASC-126 ist primarily designed to protect severy of the American DJ laser products, such as: Royal 3D, Royal Sky, Duo Scan RG, Atmospheric RG LED and Hypnotic RG. The ASC-126 fits other lighting products and brands as well, make sure to chech dem dimenstions of you product to see if it fits in this case. Extra wide mouth design allows gear to be removed quickly and easily. Dimension: L: 355mm W: 205mm H: 200mm

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