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3 switch controller UC3 Basic controller

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EAN Code: 819730016010

Manufacturer Code: 1321000046

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Easy-to-use 3-switch controller for various American DJ Fixtures. The UC3 provides easy-to-use control of various American DJ lighting fixtures. Mode Selection: Different run modes, e.g. fast/slow, audio/manual/ auto, position, latch, etc., correspond to different functions. Function Selection: Implements a wide variety of effects, like strobe, X/Y moving pattern selection, gobo/ color changing, X/Y position setting, etc. Functions vary with different fixtures. Specifications: - Cable length: Approx. 9.75 mm; - Connection: 1/4 Stereo plug; - Dimensions: 90x60x20mm; - Weight: 0.45 kg. UC3 is compatible with the following American DJ lighting fixtures: DJ Scan 250EX, Double Feature, Double Roller, Electra LED DMX, Emerald Scan II, Fusion Scan 250EX, Galaxian, Galaxian Move, Globe Color, LED Tripsot, Mega Pixel ARCH, Mega Pixel LED, Pearl LED Color, Pearl LED WH, Quad Color, Reflex LED DMX, Revo I, Revo II, Revo III, Revo Roll LED, Revo Scan LED, Revo Sweep, Rover LED DMX, Saturn TRI LED, Starball LED DMX, Sunray LED DMX, Sunray TRI LED, Tri Pearl LED, Tri Phase LED, Verti Color, Wave, X-Color, X-Color GP, X-Move, X-Move Laser30, X-Scan;

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