Tower 2 height 12 mt DT44

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EAN Code:

Manufacturer Code: 1733000014

Brand: Dura Truss
On request. Expected arrival: 11 October 2020

This item should arrive to us at the above date and it will be shipped as soon as we have it available again.

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€ 12.278,08
€ 12.278,08


Tower 2 is based on our DT 44/4 Truss and is developed for medium and heavy load applications up to 2000kg with a maximum lifting height of 12m. It is made in Alloy EN-AW 6082 T6(AIMgSil T6).

part list:

1x 1733000017 DT 44-Steel Base

1x 1733000015 DT 44-Sleeve

1x 1733000016 DT 44-Top T2

4x 1749000009 DT Hinge Section

4x 1733000041 DT LO-B44

1x 1724200043 DT 44/4-100

4x 1724200044 DT 44/4-200

1x 1724200045 DT 44/4-300

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