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Controller MCTRL300

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Processore di controllo MCTRL300
EAN Code: 819730016591

Manufacturer Code: 1226300034

Category: Video
Brand: Adj
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€ 327,02
€ 327,02


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The MCTRL-300 is a controller for AV6 LED video panels. It features one DVI signal source input and two RJ45 pixel-data outputs for 2 independant screens. Specifications: - Control Mode: Synchronous Display with Control PC by DVI; - Frame Update Frequency: 50-60Hz; - Scan Mode: 1/12 Duty; - Refresh Rate: 1200Hz; - Support Input: Composite, S-Video, Component, VGA, DVI, HDMI, HD_SDI to DVI; - Control Distance: Ethernet Cable 100m or Fiber Optic 120m; - Supported Modes: 1280 x 1024, 1024 x 1200, 1600 x 848, 1920 x 712, 2048 x 668; - Brightness Correction: Pixel, Module, Cabinet; - Requires a computer (sold separately); - 2 separate RJ45 CAT6 outputs for 2 AV-6 screens (mirrored or independant content).

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