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Frequently Asked Questions

What about delivery costs?

Weight and Country are two elements that allow us to give you the best delivery cost for you. For delivery to ITALY:  WEIGHT / COUNTRY     < 5Kg < 10Kg   < 20 K...
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Do you also sell disinfection lamps? How do they work?

Yes, in Amlux online store you can also find lamps that allow you to disinfect areas and surfaces. We have lamps for disinfection made by OSRAM: these take full advantage of t...
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Have you also got sanitizing products?

Yes, Amlux can sell online also sanitizing products for the sanitizationof different types of internal environments – from private to corporate ones. To provide an help in fig...
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Why it is better to choose LED technology ?

LED technology represents an innovative and high efficency lighting technology that can guarantee spare of money then traditional lighting ones. If we have the same lumen (li...
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How did automotive lighting benefit from LEDs?

LED lighting, although more expensive than previous incandescent lamps, is an advantageous solution for automotive lighting. This is due to the fact that digital features simp...
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Why does my device continue to switch on and off in sequence?

This is a common phenomenon when the power supply reaches an extremely high temperature; this continuous cycle is not a normal condition. The transformer is equipped with a th...
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I'm a European company VIES authorized. Can I buy products from your website Vat Free?

Yes, of course. You just have to put your VAT number in the box when you register your company on our website. Then we will check the validity of the number and if the number ...
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Do you need to repair a product of the brands we represent?

Amlux also performs product repair service out of warranty. If you bought a product of a brand that we marketed, and you need repair assistance, contact us. The service is als...
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