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Kitchen lighting

Inside a home, the most used room, the one where we spent the most of our free time is the kitchen. Unfortunately often when we think about the kitchen we just think about fornitures, household appliances, or general decorations, without consider light. A kitchen with the right lighting can become a perfect place to spend lovely hours by cooking, eating, or in the company of friends.

Expert in kitchen lighting

Amlux is a company based in the province of Mantua that has been marketing outdoor and indoor lighting products since 2000. For the kitchen it has a wide selection of led lamps, spotlights, led strips, halogen lamps, chandeliers, ceiling lights. Thanks to their experience in the lighting sector, Amlux:

  • gives to their customer a complete customer service
  • proposes a wide selection of products with high quality and reliable
  • proposes solutions according to the different needs of their clients
  • works with the best brand which they have carefully selected in the market

Suggestions to light the kitchen

On Amlux online shop you can find a wide selection of products to light your kitchen which can be suitable to every style you have choosen to decor your home:

  • Led strips and aluminum profile with small dimensions, that can be put in modern kitchen to better define the profile of your furniture or for create lighting path
  • chandeliers and ceiling lamps with the possibility for some model of customizable painting, to be used as a light point above tables or to focus attention
  • surface wall mount lamp with a standard lamp holder that is compatible with different types of lamps

More info?

If you want more info on Amlux and on the products available on the shop, fill the form that you can find in the section contacts writing all your requests!

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