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Sale of projector lamps

Are you looking for projector lamps that guarantee you long life? Visit Amlux online shop and discover the wide selection of projector lamps for sale available for immediate delivery!

How can I understand if the lamp of my projector is broken?

You have to check the internal bulb of the lamp. As soon as it starts becoming white, it means that the lamp has passed the working hours declared by the producer. Some professional projectors equipped with digital display have an internal timer which records how long the lamp remains on. When the lamp is about to expire, on the projector screen you will see a message informing you that lamp life is at the end. The timer, therefore, is a fundamental indicator that alerts you when it is time to look for a new lamp.  Anyway you can always check the timer manually in the menu of the display.

Can I use any lamp on my projectors?

No. Every projector has a specific lamp so it doesn't exist a universal lamp that can be used on all projectors existing on the market. Each of them needs a specific lamp which can be different for supply, power and base.

Which type of lamps for projector can we buy on the online shop of Amlux?

On Amlux shop online you can find a wide choice of discharge lamps for projectors, that allow to reduce maintenance costs and to have a longer lifetime than the halogen or incandescence ones like, for example:

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Due to the fact that these are particular and special lamps, it is better having some extra units available in our warehouse, especially if the projector is used in important events or shows. Check the online shop and contact Amlux to find the right lamp for your projector!

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