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16 June 2023
Teclumen at 24V!
There are many advantages that have led Teclumen to create the new 24V versions! Among these we have: operating temperature lower less voltage loss  higher light outp...
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02 May 2023
PAR 64 lamps are back to the market!
The world of entertainment knows! For the success of an event, light plays a fundamental role and the choice of entertainment technicians and lighting designers has always fal...
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03 April 2023
Goodbye to compact fluorescent tubes, bulbs and halogen capsules
Due to the amendment of the European directive EcoDesign 2009/125/CE of 2009 on dangerous substances in electronic equipment, during 2023 products such as neon tubes, compact ...
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07 March 2023
There had been rumors for several months about the possibility of Tungsram Group plants closing down, but until the last, it was hoped that it was just a rumor. Unfortunately,...
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01 December 2022
Twinkly Pro: the new frontier of architectural lighting
The world of architecture is always on the move and attentive to the needs of its users. It is precisely with companies and professional lighting installations in mind that Tw...
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08 March 2021
Show venues re-open: how to be prepared
In the new DPCM signed by the italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, and strongly desired from the italian Minister for Cultural Heritage and Activities and for Tourism Dario Fr...
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03 November 2020
DINA series by Nicolaudie: more then a light controller
Even if the world is living a very strange period, Nicolaudie has choosen not to stop and to continue working to create new products for its users. That's why they have create...
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02 September 2020
New range of professional led-power ellipsoidal fixtures
September is the month of the restart and even if everything still seems to have stopped, large international companies are always on in search of the latest technological inn...
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