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02 July 2020

Sanitizing gel and PPE

New entry in our portfolio! Following the health emergency and to new safety rules issued in the indications of the World Health Organization for the fight against Covid-19 Amlux s.r.l has activated new collaborations for the sale of products for the sanification of environment, surfaces, fabrics and hands as well as PPE to support theaters, services, restaurants, hotels, shops, professionals, etc. in their business and allow them to start safely.

Lesepidina and Leseclorina are commercial brands with which the Italian company Lesepidado sells sanitizers for hands, fabrics and surfaces. 

Active since 1999 in the food sector, following the Coronavirus pandemic that developed in 2020, the company decided to expand its product line by inserting hydroalcoholic solutions to 70% and 75% (under the brand Lesepidina) and ready-to-use sodium hypochlorite solutions for sanitizing surfaces (under the brand Leseclorina). The production of these products respects all the indications of the Italian Ministry of Health, WHO and ISS (Reg. 1223/2009, Reg. 648/2004).

Different formats available (liquid, gel, spray, pump).

We also have the possibility to have filter mask for the protection of the respiratory tract KN95 / FFP2 certified.

This type of mask is designed to protect the wearer from very fine aerosols (droplets, up to 95% of the molecules in the air) which can contain bacteria and viruses. They adhere completely to the face and are equipped with laces and elastic bands that keep it firmly on the user's face and an aluminum plate to adjust it on the nose. They are usually indicated for health personnel such as doctors, nurses and pharmacists, at risk such as elderly or not in perfect health, when attending crowded or potentially contaminated places. They comply with the EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009 certification.


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