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27 August 2020

Fast delivery for UVC lamps for sanitization of small-medium spaces

Covid-19 hasn't been defeat yet so it is therefore important to keep our guard up and fight this virus on all fronts. The new requirements ask us a constant attention in the sanitization of objects and surfaces both at home and in clubs, libraries, cinemas, theme parks, gyms, offices, etc. That's why Ledvance and Osram have realized  some products for environment purification reducing delivery time to a few days.

Ultraviolet Air Sanitizer 32W

With a modern design and easy to use, Ultraviolet Air Sanitizer 32W allows to purify in a safety way small spaces (up to 30mq). Used for the purification of air and surfaces, can be put on a table or on a plane surface and connected to a power supply for the sterilization of the environment.

This product is already available in Europe so can be delivered in few days from the order. Please note it is a LIMITED STOCK while stock last, a super opportunity that you won't miss.

Application area: 

  • small domestic environments (bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathrooms, laundries,...); 
  • work stations; 
  • libraries (for sanitizing rented books, reading stations, common areas, ...); 
  • hotels; 
  • gyms; 
  • campers, bungalows and mobile homes; 
  • beauty centers (sanitizing cabins and workstations).


  • Power: 32W (253.7 nm)
  • Voltage: 220-240V 50/60Hz
  • cubic modern design, black colour
  • dimensions: 120x120x246 mm
  • 2 timer modes: 30 and 60 minutes
  • delay start: 27 seconds
  • lifetime: 5000h
  • CE Certification
  • kills up to 99% of bacterias and viruses

Nuovo AirZing Pro 5030

AirZing Pro 5030 is the new model of the AirZing 5040. This new version is more compact ( 305 mm shortener than the previous one) and has a lower power consumption (34W) but with similar results. The new model also has all the protections required by current legislation and therefore its use is extremely safe and able to sanitize the irradiated area to 99.9%. The product consumes 34W with an average lamp life of 9000 hours and a 3-year product warranty.

This product is already available in Italy so can be delivered in few days from the order. Please note it is a LIMITED STOCK while stock last, a super opportunity that you won't miss.

AirZing can be mounted on wall or ceiling. Each set should be put at a standard height of 2.5-4 mt for a 12-15 m2 surface (for bigger spaces we suggest to use more sets). It allows to cancel up to 99% of microorganism that we can find in air or surfaces. With this product we can obtain a “virus free” area and can be used it hospitals, offices, hotels, gymnasium, dance school, shops, halls, theaters, cinemas, etc. Can also be used to clean sufaces, charts, tables, books, chairs, armchairs, products and other common objects.

Then we remember you that germicidal lamps can't be used as lamps for general lighting because they emit high-intensity UV radiation that can cause sunburn and conjunctivitis. The skin and eyes must therefore not be exposed to direct or reflected unfiltered radiation

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